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Since 2001 we’ve gained a small online coverage. With some great websites linking back to us. We’re very thankful for these connections and a full list of connected sites is available here.

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It’s been very important for us to grow our connections within the entertainment industry and the press. The associations we have with our current partners GotNews and ThatHipHop create a diverse connection between the three organisations. Working together we help our users discover more by cross sourcing, and researching the best of niche media.

Our Future Goals

We plan on expanding our user base by partnering with web specialist company CookeCorp. This sponsorship allows us to work closely with professionals to help us grow and expand our website. For the betterment of our users we’ve decided this sponsorship would be a delight. Not only will we be able to reach more people nationally, we’re finally getting a step up. Helping us move in the right direction.

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